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Land Rover – ECU Resynchronisation Repair Manual

Posted on 02 June 2013 by admin

Download Land Rover – ECU Resynchronisation Repair Manual – The Multi-Tester Pro can resynchronise the following replacement ECUs on LandRover vehicles: – • MEMS 1.6 • MEMS 1.9 • EDC Diesel • Td5 Diesel • Motronic M5.2.1 V8 Petrol • GEMS V8 Petrol • Range Rover body controller (BeCM). When an engine management system is replaced, the new unit must be resynchronised to the immobiliser ECU. 1) Procedure for all except EDC Diesel Robust and non-robust mode On vehicles fitted with an alarm / immobiliser a coded exchange takes place between the immobiliser and the engine ECU when attempting to start the vehicle. If the code sent by the Immobiliser does not match the expected code stored on the engine ECU, the engine will not be allowed to start. This is known as robust mode.

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